Thursday, April 30, 2015

Repurposing this blog (slightly)

It has been a year since I've actively posted anything on this blog about Elliot Davis, and almost four years since I created it. After starting the blog virtually all of the posts (aside from the first) have been re-posted comments, information, or links that I've become aware of.

A comment came in recently that got me thinking about the blog again:

"Listen, you people should be ashamed of yourselves sitting here blogging about this. If you give a stranger money than consider it gone. It is your CHOICE to give it and his choice to spend it as he pleases because that is the way the world works. You all sit on here whining about nothing. Feel good that are kind and helpful and move on....really!!"

So far the only comments I haven't allowed to be published before are those suggesting overt violence against ED, which perhaps some consider a just revenge, but it's nothing I am going to recommend via this blog. However this is actually the first comment that made me question if this blog is really doing something worthwhile. I can't agree with this commenter's blame-the-victim attitude, especially when by default it defends the actions of a blatant sociopath. At least we all get a pat on the back, then are told to forget about this guy.

The real question to me is "Why set up this blog when it probably only reaches readers after they have already met Elliot Davis?" I guess there is some usefulness in confirming that someone indeed has been scammed, and that you aren't getting a call tomorrow from ED asking how to return your cash. That's something, but it's not going to stop him.  Plus he hits up different spots any day he's out there, and I don't recommend trying to interact with him at all, as he seems to have the potential to get violent. At the same time, the police manifestly don't care about his scamming activity, and as stated I'm not looking to incite revenge fantasies...

But I did have one idea that might prove more useful in a different way. I have created a PDF, which I'd ask any visitor of this blog to print out if they are so inclined, and to post it at the spot where she or he had a run-in with Elliot Davis. It's not especially pretty, but it gets the job done, and I am open to any suggestions. Spreading knowledge about this guy seems like the only reasonable counter-action, and it might help stop a few people from getting scammed.