Friday, April 18, 2014

Near Downtown Crossing and South Station

New sighting:

"I just saw this guy again. Told me he needed a can of fix-a-flat to fix his flat tire. That he worked for Verizon. Said he would call me as soon as he got back to the office. Realize now I got totally scammed.

"Black dude with khakis and a blazer and tied. Says he's 'never had to do something like this before.' I was super suspicious but gave him thirty bucks. Feel like an idiot.

"I feel sorry for the next 100 people that ask me for money. "


  1. Saw this guy yesterday on Sidney Street in Cambridge. He asked me for $6.45 so he could buy a can of fix a flat and that he felt sorry he ever had to ask people for money. He said four people had already turned down and that his car was down the street. I was suspicious so I started to ask him a few questions, like where his car was and what street. I knew I caught him in his lie when it took him a while to respond and he said around the corner again. Then I said "Why don't you just call AAA? They fix flats all the time" He started to walk away after that and said: "It's not funny man!"

  2. Saw this dude today across the street from One Financial. Said he worked for Verizon, had a flat tire and had a presentation to give in 45 minutes. I said I had not cash and he promptly said there was an ATM right in the lobby. I promptly told him sorry again and kept walking.