Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Recently in Boston

"Happened to me today at the Prudential Mall. He told me his flat tire story and that he needed money for a plug kit. He made me put 857-258-0076 in my phone saying that he worked for Verizon and to contact him if I ever needed a favor. He said he only had $7 dollars and the kit was $13.99. When I gave him a $20 and he didn't offer to give me a any $ back I realized he was a con man. Anyway, it was a stupid mistake on my part, but his emotional con was pretty convincing."

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  1. Five years ago, my friend and I were walking back to our BU dorms around 4 a.m. Eliott Davis approached us at the intersection of Commonwealth Avenue and St. Mary's -- by the BU Central T stop. He gave the story -- his wife and kid were in his car on the other side of the hill, and he needed like $70 or some shit to tow it. We were way too tired to realize we should have asked for his ID or something. We gave him a little over $40 because he was so convincing. Though admittedly I was more taken by his bullshit than my friend was.

    He said he worked for Verizon and said he could get us Red Sox tickets. He then gave us his cell phone number, which we called the next day, and some woman answered and told us to stop calling it.

    We still want our Red Sox tickets!

    Arrest Elliot Davis. He is a monster. We will not be terrorized!