Thursday, June 9, 2011

About Elliot Davis and his scams

Until recently I was unaware of Elliot Davis, aka Elliot Nero Davis. After it was too late I discovered that there are traces of him on the internet, detailing the numerous times he has defrauded people in the Boston area, giving false pretenses in order to get some money from them. I've created this blog so that more information can be gathered and disseminated in order to help stop him.

What Elliot Davis does is approach people on the street, describe a situation such as having a flat tire or a towed car, then seeks assistance (in cash) from the person he cons into believing his story. He's reasonably good at it, and plays on people's emotions when he describes a situation any of us might get into. As you can see from the picture in the sidebar, Elliot Davis is a well dressed man, perhaps in his 50s. A button shirt, tie, there's a professional and sober appearance about him. He wasn't looking for very much from me, but it seems he can ask up to the $60-80 range. If you are swayed by what he says, and his proof and assurances that he'll pay you back, then you have lost your money.

Various locations of incidents involving Elliot Davis have been around the Boston University campus, Government Center, Back Bay, JP, and at Cambridge locations such as Central Square and the MIT campus, at each of them apparently numerous times. He has been written about in a local paper too.

He doesn't seem shy about giving his real name, his real cell phone number(s), or even running into people he has already conned. I don't know the extent of how mentally unstable he may be, but it can certainly be said he is a sociopathic personality: lawless, deceptive, remorseless.

Please use the comments box to give any more information about this conman, and I will re-post any further details I have here.


  1. March 19, 12:29 p.m., Elliot Davis, 55, of 49 Alpine St., Roxbury was arrested on a Roxbury warrant for uttering a counterfeit note after police responded to a complaint about a man trying to gain money from people in Central Square. 2:34 p.m.,

  2. Same story. He's now using 857-258-0076 as well.
    Really wish I saw this site sooner or stopped for a second to think. At least it wasn't a very expensive lesson in not trusting people.

  3. Elliot Nero Davis is now living at South Bay jail in Boston.

  4. IDK how to send shit to you, so here:

  5. This guy just scammed me on Devonshire near South Station.

  6. I was scammed last night at Brigham Circle, Mission Hill. He claimed he needed money for fix a flat in order to get his son home from the hospital. Disgusting human being.

    1. I was scammed for 40 dollars for the same reason yesterday night on Arlington st in Boston

  7. I was scammed for 40 dollars by Elliot yesterday night on the corner of St James Avenue and Arlington street. He was very well dressed said he was working just up the road and needed me to buy him run flat tyre seilant for his flat tyre and he would pay me back tomorow. Showed me his ID as well and wantediluvian my phone number and gave him mine in case I ever need anything

  8. Hello I was scammed last night. Eliot said he needed 40 dollars to buy him run flats for his broken down tire and that he worked just up the road. It was late and I was very tired after two days in the office till past midnight and fell for it

  9. I was scammed days ago at the door of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. He said his son was in the car and the tire was broken down. He needed around 39 dollars, so I gave him 40. Although I took the picture of his driver license, it's no use.